Our main profile is INTERNATIONAL road transportation in Europe. 

We organize transports in all Europe; however, our main destination is Italy either it is an export or an import. We can manage freights with our own fleet up to 27 Tons cargo weight owing to our modern, light vehicles.  We also manage transports in all Europe which can be full or part loads.

The company can deal with urgent freights as our fleet is always on the roads, and our company works with a huge number of subcontractors in a very good, synchronized way.

Domestic transport and forwarding

We organize freights in Hungary. We are at our current and future partners disposal.

Goods in Transit Insurance covers the goods in your vehicle against loss or damage whilst you transport them from one place to another. Our CMR insurance limit is up to 150.000 €, liablility insurance up to 1.000.000 €.

All our vehicles are equipped with mobile phones and GPS- trackers which are always monitored to follow the movement of the goods and we could give the exact and current location of them and their estimated arrival time to our partners.

Our vehicle fleet is at the highest level of development and only has EURO-6 vehicles, which gives the least pressure to the environment.